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+2 on the journey, people keep saying about the journey... i'm came from the Isle of Man with all due respect was on the 7.30am boat over the Liverpool on the thursday, and had to book an extra day 2 days off just because of it's location. But was well worth it.

I would vote not too have it between 29th may till 2 weeks later around the 11th of june that is tt time? Boat prices return will be about 200 quid for me an a bike just for the ar weekend. And Also i think some of the other sv'rs were discussing coming over in another thread (view euro trips i think).

Thats my opinion posted. p.s. your all NOT WELCOME to the iom for AR incase anyone i.e. bluefishman or paulthe6th decide to come up with that one :P plus your all tight gits and wouldn't wanna pay to come here. (granted it's not always 200 return just times like TT races.
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