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Default Re: Trackday idle banter thread.

Originally Posted by phil24_7 View Post
These are the replacements for the Ones according to that website.
I'm a tiny bit wary of what FWR have on their site, as I popped in there this morning to have a chat with Bob (who knows a thing or two about getting a bike round a track) about a set of Power Supersports and he didn't seem to know they existed, let alone what they were replacing. Didn't stop him finding a set in stock for me though.

Michelin have a separate website for track-only stuff (, and that still lists both the Power Cup and the Power One as current. But I'm not sure whether that's the Power One Competition (replaced by the Power Cup last year) or the other Power One (replaced by the Power Supersport this year). They seem to be moving away from having two tyres with the same name but for completely different purposes, which is nice, but I wish they'd update their sodding websites properly.
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