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Smile New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.

Hi guys,
After 10 years away form road bikes I decided to embark on a Café Racer (ish) project. …Oh no!!! Not another one I here you cry….yes…sorry. In my defence I was toying with the idea many years ago, before it became all the rage. In short I bought the bike in 2015 as a full-faired version (top and bottom) in mint condition with about 12K on the clock. Then over the next 2 winters transformed it. I did it in 2 phases: 1st phase – rear end tidy up and suspension…followed by a track day or two. 2nd phase (2016 winter) the final rear end overhaul and front end change.

Anyway: I just wanted to thank all of you for all your help! There are too many people to mention and to be honest I have not kept a great record of where I got what idea/advice….sorry! I do however, have quite a good record of what I changed, where I got to parts and some of the templates I made + loads of photos through the build if anyone’s interested?
Thanks again everyone….

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