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Default Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.

Ah yes, good question, the dreaded wiring loom.
The simple answer is it's all carefully wrapped round and below the airbox in a kidney shape. Each side is doubled back and is secured to avoid the carb throttle linkages. The other trick was a Ebay bought front end wiring harness (no original parts were harmed in this build - most bits and pieces were from Ebay) which I modified to remove redundant cabling and then added to, creating a better fit. Finally after a quick trip to a local auto factors the main large black clock plug was removed and new (required) cables soldered on to lengthen the loom (using the same colours to avoid a mix up when connecting the clock/dash display).
If you want me to post anything specific about the build just ask, I'll upload any pics if I have or take new ones if needed.
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