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Default Re: lessons learned from AR08 - :D

Hi guys, only just had time to get on t'interweb.
Firstly, sorry if I didn't get round to introducing myself/chatting to many people, so little time. For those I did meet, I agree with everyone else that's posted.....what a fab bunch of misfits!!!

I'll be on a bike myself next year, although the dogs loved it, so who knows??

If you are wondering where the pics of Stretchie falling off the car are, I did that to him at the bottom of the field before the pics were taken. I wish I could say he just messes around like that in company but he doesn't.....he does it all the time....and I mean ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

NO>>>>me and Stretchie did not get engaged.......yes he asked me and I did say yes, but it was nothing more than messing around. I'm not that desperate yet!

Right, off to catch up on other threads, but thanks all for a fantastic weekend and I can't wait for next year!

Cheryl xxx
2012 Welsh TT
RIP Hovie baby
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