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Default AR10 - Venue Reccie Pics..

As some of us were in the area on the Welsh TT. Hovis asked if we would like to have a look at the Venue that you have voted for. Gruntygiggles arranged for a quick tour around and the Hotel owner opened up the bar and organised for us to have some food whilst we were there as well.

So this is where we'll be staying

This is the field we'll be camping in

It really is a beautiful building, its not bland or generic like many other hotels it has plenty of character to it. Heres a few of the rooms

The swiming pool that is availabe for us to use on the AR10 weekend, they keep it covered when not in use... hence the cover on it in this pic

This is the room that we have exclusive use of. Has its own bar and plenty of space and a pool table to. So if it rains we can get under cover and all socialise together.

Quiff checking the table meets his exacting standards

For those of you wanting to throw some shapes theres a nightclub on site, having looked around the hotel I can safely say that theres no danger of anybody being kept awake by noise from the nightclub also the bikes wil be parked well out of the way of the night club to.

I really was blown away by the venue that Gruntygiggles and Hovis have found, its brilliant, I think we're really lucky to be going there. I am really looking forward to it already.

Remember there only a few days left to vote for what date you want, so make sure that you dont miss your opportunity to vote and visit this thread
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