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Originally Posted by Dr Rich
I would like to see this extended to a full weekend. Maybe a joining of the rideout and the jamboree idea.
That's a very good point. The Jamboree never did take off and to combine the two would be an excellent idea.

Perhaps therefore theres scope for an Annual Rideout AND and an SV-adventure (more of a UK version of the Eurotour) similar to the joint Scotland Ireland venture which is to be applauded.
Another good point (blimey! ). I like the idea of an an Adventure rideout too and can't see any reason why we couldn't do one at the end of the summer. That way there's the AR early summer within the (suggested) red circle limits and then the AV which can be anywhere, will have far less of a turnout, but allows the more adventurous peeps to meet up regardless of distance.