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Originally Posted by ophic
Originally Posted by Viney
Location? Dead centre of that circle.
Sort of Rugby or Leicester then?
Thats just about my usual private track anyway :P

The 400 mile a day is do-able but is probably a lot for some people I agree.

First of all let me say, that AR05 was run superbly, but then again so was AR04 from the Cat and Fiddle.

Personally I would have liked more smoking time I was like a prisoner trying to cram 20 Embassy in when we stopped at Tesco

Although we sort of had 3 stops not including the flashing competitiion in the hedge bottom :P it seemed we had more time to socialise on the AR04

This year we had little time to meet people at Burford at both ends and too short a time at Tesco. On the Cat & Fiddle we seemed to have more social time at the start, in the park at Chatsworth and then in Matlock, giving people chance of another attack of the cat or meander off your own route.

As I say no complaints, just my observations and my healthy living lifestyle :P

Scotland Anyone?