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what more can be said
home at 8pm- been in the bath for an hour!!!

was awesome! what a turn out..

ta to ceri for helping me put up my tent.
lee for making me laff in the pub with his gay antics!!

and sid squid for reminding me of my wife all night with his snoring from the next tent ...!!

Cheers to Rich and Anne for the company to the mfourty something or other before they turned off and left me for a nice 100 mile an hour ride home from there on in ...!!

I think it is great how many turned up, unbelievable really and a credit to all involved but espesh the organisers....

Oh it must be said big ape and sid dropped everything and ranoff in search near the river when we thght we had a non return from the pub the night before!! (no names) empty tent at 8am and no sign!! - mention that he wandered home early across the field nar the river alone !! at midnight and PANIC!! - however - the subject in question was in the shower!! and unaware of the turmoil....and Mrs APE solved it CSI style by detecting fresh puke all over his tent so he musta got home OK !!!!!

where are we posting pics???>> on the pic forum!??

and I am having a name change - due to a comment in th red Lion I am from this day known as Quiff Richard !!!

Lee- have u any meat for anyone boarding school boy !???

great day, sore ass, great day, aching wrists. great day- tent ets still strapped to back of bike in the garden!!!! knackered..
ooops I did it again ... new bike . cb1000r
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