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I have to add my thanks as well.
Those people involved in organising, giving information or just generally keeping us together, I say a big thank you and if you remind me next time we're in a pub I will buy you all a pint (I'm counting on you all not doing it at the same time )
I know some of the people organising could have had more fun if they'd just been one of the crowd, but as we all know, somebody had to do it.

As for those humpback bridges, I got decent air under the tyres and under my **** the first time I went over on the Saturday (was overtaking a car at the time and might well have been going a bit quick) the second time Ceri and I both backed off from the group so we could have a good run at it with some power and bloody hell that was fun, but very scary. I kept the front wheel off the ground for all of about 20 feet after the back landed.