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Originally Posted by DomP View Post
I've just been thinking about driverless cars, where I live in rural Herefordshire at this time of year muddy roads are pretty normal to the point the reversing sensors on my van begin to be untrustworthy.

Not sure I'd trust an autonomous vehicle around here!

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Governments don't want any one upsetting the apple cart, they have rushed headlong into BEV and driverless vehicles as the latest way to 'save the planet' (just like Diesel, Wind power, solar power etc, etc.) like a drowning man clutching a straw. What about frost, snow, squashed insects, leaves, mud etc. blocking sensors.

On the Guy Martin and the robot car program the other day one of the scientists said to get an autonomous vehicle to drive a simple route 'would take millions of lines of code' - that robot race car has crashed more than once just going around a simple track with no other vehicles in sight.

If they ever become a reality AV are going to trash 10's millions of jobs while providing only hundreds of jobs in high tech companies.

The only way to save planet is to severely restrict population, which no government is willing to tackle - so the 'MM climate change proponents' and others can put their theories up their jacksies until they tackle the 'elephant in the room' (which within 30 years may well be the only elephant on the planet LOL).
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