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Default Re: New project... 86 GSXR 1100

Iíve been slacking with the build lately but finally got crackin with the mono tank/tail at the weekend.

Firstly, I dismantled and measured my cardboard mock-up to then recreate the parts in Solidworks. I then flattened and exported the parts into our (work) sheet metal software, where i then programmed the parts to be cut out of a sheet of 18 gauge stainless steel. I was originally going to use 2mm aluminium but the steel was half the price, our machinery at work is limited on the tooling i can use to punch 2mm ALI so Iíd have had to cut all the parts manually! Plus Iím much better at welding steel :P

The design below also shows the battery location based on a 12-cell anti gravity unit and a channel to hide the wiring. What it doesnít show are the tank baffles, which will be added later.

Below shows the freshly punched sheet

Next I went about bending the metal. The zero radius bends i put on using the bending machines at work, but unfortunately work didnít have the tooling to bend the larger radius bends i needed so i had to improvise at home! Fortunately a had a couple of used disposable argon bottles that worked a treat

Unfortunately I only got as far as tacking one side of the tank before i ran out of Argon but am pretty pleased with how it looks so far...

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