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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Originally Posted by specialone View Post
And i forgot to give you them indys
Took them there and brought them back, pm me your address and i will post them to you.

I saw another guy ask if he could have them on the post mate so if he want them, give him a shout.

Originally Posted by hongman View Post
+1 although I wouldnt say "gent"!

Top geezer. Had me in stitches last night with some stories!
Cheeky fecker lol, i am a true gent
Originally Posted by Bellerophon View Post
Got home at about half 2 after a really long journey home (an hour and five minutes!!!!).

Top weekend with top people.

Electro, you, sir, are a true gent. Glad to make your acquaintance.
The feelings mutual mate
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