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Default "Dirt Wash Protect and Shine" silicone spray.

Not exactly "bodywork" but something I use on my SV...

"Dirt Wash Protect and Shine" silicone spray.

I'm not usually into products for specific jobs, ie. bike or car shampoos etc but I've started using this again and it does a great job of providing a smooth layer that makes it much easier to clean your bike next time it needs it. I didn't use it for a while and scrubbing flies and dirt off my fairing involved a lot more elbow grease. Using it again and the last couple of washes to remove the millions of flies I seem to collect recently and they all wash off with a wipe of a sponge.

Just be careful to spray it into a cloth and apply it, rather than into the air onto the bike as I'm sure it's not great for brakes and definitely not good to breath in.
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