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Default sv recommended modifications

Just wondering what's the best modification, folks would recommend to a bog standard bike (sv or svs). In a "you've just got to get one of these" way . It could be for looks, sound, performance, preventative maintenance or other. Bearing in mind cost too (perhaps? - bit boring then though). OEM or Aftermarket. Legal or Illegal. It could be something you've got or something you want. If i've missed anything (& i will), others & detail. I've grouped somethings only because the limit on the number of options allowed.

I've only done OEM lowers and Chris Vines's number plate bracket. I've ordered ERMax colour matched hugger & black fender extender. I want a can bad man. I'll start.

I love my lowers . Purely cosmetic, not cheap, but for me it's the most appearance influencing change & finishes the bike off (for a bit until you start looking else where). I believe they offer a certain amount of protection from road crap/salt whatever. How shallow am I? all about looks, that's probably why i never look at a females face when she's talking to me . But based on what I've got, that's my answer. Although I reckon my fender extender might turn out to be the best mod/
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