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Exclamation It was a hard decision but

for this AR I have decided to make Bibio my bitch for the weekend
the competition has tough with some obvious choices overlooked ,andy smith for example, or mal but the sheer midgetness of Bibio just pushed him over the edge

so now you are all aware , if you have any issues or need assistance from me over this awe specious event please take all you whingey winey b0llocks to him, I will just be accepting the usual free beer at the bar with not even a nod of appreciation ( that's Bibio's job , why have a dog and bark yourself)

I thank you for your help in this matter
please carry on as before

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Vote Dave Preston for god, allah, budda or yoda depending on your affiliation.
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I've just been owned by davepreston!
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Too late now DP is wise to you. Hide your brandy. Lock up your lager. Sell your wife and daughters. Your his b1tch now.
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