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Default Re: Vintage film cameras

I was thinking about you and your Duaflex the other day, I've just bought a Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta 524/16, it's a 120 rollfilm 6x6 camera with uncoupled rangefinder. Just put a film in it but not taken a single picture yet. I'm checking one of my other cameras against the Pocket Light Meter app (which I can only run on an ipad so a bit cumbersome) then use that as an exposure meter.

I saw one person once, many years ago, with the same Pentax 110, it's a nice idea but the film is tiny, and the Zorki is also fairly compact so the Pentax is a bit of a dead-end IMHO. If you fancy SLR then there are loads of good 35mm ones on gumtree near you for around 30 or less. I've got a couple of Pentax SLRs (might have already said), a Super A and a MX, any of the -X ones are great, though some people seem to think they're worth a LOT of money.

Actually, look on gumtree right now, there are two Zorki 4s in your neck of the woods (sort of) for next to nothing. As my wife (rightly) laughed at me for wanting to buy another camera in the mess Ikonta, I really must stop looking at any more ads and just use the ones I've got!
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