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Default Re: My AR Experience (part 1)

Originally Posted by missyorkie_chris View Post
spare glowstick, v2 wiper thing with drycloths, 95alive keyring torch thing, chocolate SHEEP! I think that was everything?
Earplugs. 95 alive booklet.
.......and Love hearts!!! Drumsticks, lolly pops, parma violets!!!

You guys don't realise how long it took Dylan my eldest, to make sure everyone got a four sweet assortment and a chocolate sheep.

Some folks got pucks, a lot of folk brought their own.

Those that are wondering what 95 alive is. North Yorkshire road safety partnership have a campaign specifically targetted at bikers. Its not something to catch them out for speeding or slaps on wrists, its purely something to get them aware that on our roads, its a lot of rider error. People have so much fun up here, they fall off on their own.
With these freebies, it just passes the message along to promote safe riding. They were more than happy to hand over 100 or so goodies in resealable bags.
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