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Talking lessons learned from AR08 - :D

well here are mine!

1) you really are a lovely bunch of coconuts
2) I want a dog! thanks to ll those ho brought their beautiful canine friends!
3) never play pool against an orger - although it might be worth losing for a dry hump - if you like that kind of thing!
4) don't pull your trousers up without looking around to look 4 people taking pictures
5) I want my license even more
6) waterproof gear is brilliant!
7) burgers taste brill in the rain
8 ) yeovil and surrounding areas are a lovely part of the world
9) gel seat or not - 5 hours on a ducati will mean a sore ****!
10) cheap tents can be waterproof - but the airbed was an investment that was well worth it!

so ok what were yours???...

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