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Default Re: AR2014- Closing thoughts

I actually think the group system worked quite well, the first 1/3 or so of the route had limited overtaking opportunities and I witnessed at least one member of the public who was intimidated by the group (or was trying to be helpful but failed miserably) and tried to let us passed by stopping on a near blind corner. An even bigger group would have made that situation worse.

I'd say that marking system works well in small groups where you know everyone in the group or in small enough groups that you can quickly learn what they look like. The two problems that spring to mind is that on popular bike routes you can't really tell whether the guy in your mirror is with you or not and that any error is critical - everyone has to remember at every junction.

The designated marker system is a bit tricky. I'm sure some people enjoy it but having the designated markers numerous enough to cover each turn on a stage is difficult therefore they end up doing silly speeds to get back to the front which personally I think isn't ideal.

Personally I think the 2nd man drop off is the safest and easiest way. Even if the second man forgets in most instances the 3rd man will realise and fix the error with no issue (assuming they see what happened). People not happy about marking can wave someone behind passed. Also has the advantage of mixing up the group, so you don't spend the whole time looking at the back of the same person.

I don't mean this as any criticism though. I realise that is the marking system you guys are most comfortable with and did my best to make it work as smoothly as possible. Ron did an excellent job of spotting the mistake and rounding up the stragglers so no harm was done and I had a very enjoyable weekend all in all.

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