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Originally Posted by Jelster
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can i ask a question fraizer ?
do you have a tinted visor, small plate or a race can ? he he he

cheers for finding out for us all BTW.

No, no and no......

anymore questions

and welcome..........
Most coppers I have met admit to having dark visors (they actually agree that they are better) and sometimes "non standard" exhausts. But even the dark visor thing is ridiculous; as far as I am aware, you may have up to a 20% tint on your visor, but there is no legislation to cover how dark my sunglasses can be when I ride/drive...... Now that's silly !

Thats right mate, i have my own views on the kit, and if you know me and have had time to chat to me in person then that will become apparent, obviously i have to be careful what advice i give out on the forum as peeps know what i do for a living...wouldnt want to give them false information, but yes i understand what your saying about the visors and exhausts.... but sun glasses you can just take off....bit more difficult for a visor....however if the visor is up and your wearing sunnies then they have to comply with the legislation....i.e be shatterproof etc.....
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