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Default Re: Insurance Q: awareness course or points & fine?

Hi Craig380.
Firstly no, you shouldn't have done a runner, you did exactly the right thing.
Secondly if you were past the vehicle and crossing the centre markings when the oncoming vehicle came into view then it extremely unlikely, in fact I'd go so far as to say definitely not, that they have a case for careless driving. Bearing in mind that being on the offside into a left hand bend actually gives you an extended view of opposing traffic, and the fact that you were overtaking a vehicle doing in the region of 40mph suggests this wasn't a particularly tight bend, I'd have told him (them) exactly where they could shove their NIP, however I'm aware that my level of confidence around questioning their evidence may be somewhat higher than yours......

You may well feel that 85 is a reasonable fee for the experience you have gained from this encounter, and you may well be right, but be wary of the law of unintended consequence..... Road safety partnerships that make a lucrative living out of dumbing down our driving legislation may seem harmless enough but each move like this lowers the threshold for everyone. Good luck on the course, have fun, and be sure to pass on my thoughts and compliments.....please!
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