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Default Re: Best roads / routes

How about this...

Begin Petworth A272 heading East towards Wisborough Green a niiice long straight to warm you up, and fun all the way to Wis. Grn slow down to legal on the hill at speed control marks quick! Gaffers like to wait there (seen them twice)...legalish all the way to Billingshurst get through there staying on A272 then kick it again between junctions(quite away apart) up to A24 hang a right there to washington roundabout turn left A283 and kick it again heading towards brighton A27 junction left onto A27(Brighton) and kick it... Exit onto A23 North(London) Exit A272 west kick it upto A24 now you have a choice...1.pull up have a Mac's on otherside of lights 2. Head back down a mad A272 and hang a leftat A29 and goto Bury Hill for a bit o' showboating then back through Fittleworth onto Petworth or What we tend to do is hang a right and head for a bit o' fun at Box Hill! Mmmm choices, choices and the Old Bill only seem to appear at Box Hill maybe I'm lucky anyway enjoy the ride
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