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Default Re: My AR Experience (part 1)

Conclusion (part 7)

So it’s been nearly a week and I’m just about recovered, still got my panniers to unpack tomorrow, but that’ll be an end to it, writing this had allowed me to relive it all again which has been wonderful, despite the soaking and the bad weather of Saturday it was a great weekend.

Another brilliant AR, I’ve been on the forum for nearly a decade, been on many other forums and clubs, but there is something different about the SV board, it’s still retained over all this time a niceness that you just don’t find, part of which is the way the AR brings a personal quality to the forum for the rest of the year, I’ve missed only one AR completely in all that time and to be honest if I could only do one bike event a year, it’d probably be this one, I very much appreciate the amount of work involved by basically two people this year and hope it’s recognised by the forum as that’s what really keeps it going, members involvement beyond just typing away.

But above all that, it’s the members that make the weekend what it always turns out to be, another success story and for that I thank all that made the effort to attend, until next year then....

The end…… or at least for the time being.

all photos and video are here.

just a personal perspective view on the weekend, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Cheers Mark.
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