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Default Re: My AR Experience (part 1)

Originally Posted by dizzyblonde View Post
I really do have to start giving Mark something else to eat, he may begin to think I only cook Shepherds Pie!!
Although the vote was next time he comes, and I am given ample time to prepare, I may convert him to something a little less English....Soutzoukakia

I've said before Geo, and I'll say it again, my door is open if you find your travels down these parts
Last night saw local org friends, the YCs and Smudge getting BBQ Meaty Goodness(although its a man thing so Pete was cooking)...........there was an awful lot of charcoal left over from the AR, shame to not put it to use
Theres been quite a lot of orgers over the years drop in for a cuppa, all very welcome indeed.
You my good lady are a star, maybe one day i will be allowed out to play with my friends and i'll be there for cake Thanks Lou means alot x

Originally Posted by rictus01 View Post
Lou I think you keyboards broken....Soutz********, or is that meatballs

Bet you'll get a smacked backside for being cheeky
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