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Default Re: Biking and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I suffer from RA in some fingers and fitting fatter gel grips has helped a lot over the years,

I've fitted a set to my SV but had to sand off the ridge on the throttle sleeve and take the end caps off the grips(To allow for bar-end weights).The larger diameter and gel helps stop vibrations and fatigue through my fingers.Unfortunately I cannot find this style any more on eBay or Amazon.
However I suspect these would be a good replacement,

Also I'm looking into fitting my,"Vista" cruise control but will need to replace the throttle sleeve,

They seem expensive for a small piece of plastic and a few metal bits but they are excellent and worth the money.Unlike,"Cramp Buster" paddles you can't hit it accidentally and on long clear roads/Motorways it's great relief.

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