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Originally Posted by johnnyrod View Post
I don't know if the OP is still around but this is the most relevant post amongst the Redex/snake oil love in. Get a second opinion, and be prepared to stump up. A couple of hours sounds about right, the SV isn't the quickest of bikes to work on. Don't get suckered into expensive ultrasonic cleaning, unless you have literally dug your bike up from out of the ground and pulled worms from the various orifices.
Would love to know how an ultrasonic clean would be any different to pulling the jets and shoving weld tips through them (which is what 99.9% of mechanics will do) and spraying the carbs with carb cleaner (which, again, 99.9% of mechanics will do, and they won't even remove the slides so the bloody slide boots warp).

Plonk the carbs in a big enough ultrasonic cleaner, let it do it's thing, blow the holes out with an airline - this WILL sort an absolute plethora of carb issues and should cost next to nothing. Unless of course you're talking about a proper job being done...i.e. carbs stripped down to components, everything cleaned properly, reassembled then cleaned in an ultrasonic tub just to be safe...then yeah, it's not cheap, but why would it be? It's labour and skill intensive.
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