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Default Re: downside to AR08

Originally Posted by petevtwin650 View Post
Matt, unless you've had problems with your back when riding the bike before, I'd be more inclined to blame the camping part of the weekend, especially as it was cold as well. Did you have insulated mats to lie on?
Ive had back aches before, maybe its how I sit in the bike? If i grip with my knees, my back hurts, if I put weight on my hands, my shoulders hurt. My levers are nicely adjusted (sorted that a while ago).

I think I'm just a stiff old git at the ripe old age of 22...I didnt feel cold in my tent, no colder than I would be in bed in the middle of the night at home when the windows are open

What if I got one of them thar comfty saddles you have pete?
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