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Default Re: Have you noticed it yet?

Originally Posted by Berlin View Post
Anyone wo says "maybe" or "I'll try" in any thread to do with the AR11 means they aren't coming. They just want to feel like they're in the huddle.

Its a scientific fact.

Its next year! There's absolutely no reason barring death, redundancy or diablement that someone can't commit to this.

You can't say its because of money because you have 9 months to save. You can't say its because of time because a year is a good enough heads up. You can use an MOT, bust bike, worn tyres, flat battery or any other poor excuse. Its a year away! Plan better!

If you're going, you're going. None of this "I'll think about it" or "I'll try and make it" or "Hopefully, I can be there"

Commit! and go!

I don't remember ever seeing you there before?
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