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Originally Posted by Talking Heads View Post
Does an aircraft autopilot navigation system need massive 3d files to function?
Or just a few coordinates?

There are no fixed obstacles in the way of an aircraft for 99.9999% of its flight, it just has to maintain correct altitude (aircraft flying in different directions are separated by vertical space to stop collisions, not horizontal space) and a heading within a few miles each way, they can fly down a GPS / radio corridor to land.

A more equivalent comparison may be that after landing an aircraft can taxi to its position and dock ready for unloading without any pilot input. Also aircraft systems are maintained to military level of performance, I somehow doubt that the average AV will be.

IMHO driverless vehicles will be every terrorists dream come true, why risk your life driving a bomb to a location when a vehicle can drive itself, you can kidnap someone just by taking control of their car and diverting it to a place you choose - !S!S must be wetting themselves in anticipation.

Bit of a wandering thread, how did we get from Triumph Bobber sales to AV ?
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