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Default Re: A PM ride...with a difference

Ha Mike, only just seen your edit, fantastic! The results are in and our charity ride for Parkinson's is on

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Route will be sorted tonight, will pin YC down and get it sorted properly, we're almost there

Now we have a date does this attendance list still stand?

1. YC
2. Missyburd
3. dave preston
4. mrs giggles
5. Nobbylad (depending on date)
6. Nobbylass (depending on date)
7. Bri w (depending on date - can only do the last 2)
8. joshwalker094 ( depending on date and work around time)
9. orose
10. punyXpress

Any more? Would be great to get the old PM back together for a laugh, seems like an age!
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