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Default Pirelli Angel GT II

After the Bridgestone S20 rear lasted about 3400 miles on my XSR900, I started to look for a pair of replacement tyres. I donít ride in the wet, only commute occasionally and usually do 3000 to 4000 miles a year between spring and autumn mainly on country roads and B roads. Donít think Iím capable of exploiting sticky or sporty tires to their full potential. Iíd prefer something that will last me a couple of years Ė or even more.
These Pirellis have come out under the radar and without any big press announcements or tests/reviews. Thereís very little about them online apart from a promo video and a few reviews on Revzilla. Price wise, pairs are within a tenner of the Road 5s, Conti Roadattack 3s, Sportsmart 3s, Metzeler 01s etc but Pirelli have a £30 cashback offer for having a pair fitted so I went for these.
Iíve done 100 miles or so on them now and first impressions are positive. Lots of tread, plenty of grip and no scary moments. The tyre body is fairly stiff but gives a comfortable ride and they steer easily into bends with no sudden drop in. The rear seems to warm up pretty quickly. They feel more planted on the road and donít track tar bands or cracks in the road surface like the Bridgestones did. One thing I did notice when overtaking or lane changing was that they felt a bit skittish on the white lines. Iím hoping this is down to newness rather than it being a long-term trait, otherwise filtering isnít going to be much fun.

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