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Default Re: fibreglass helmet

Originally Posted by Dave20046 View Post
Which fitted better? If you couldn't tell did you notice you had to go to an extreme of size in one brand to get it to get on your head? That's a tell it's probably not the right shape. I'm normally a medium or a small - in HJC I could only get XXL on my head and even that was painful.

I must say I much prefer the D loop fastener, it ensures your helmet has the right fit everytime you put it on.
(And you also don't get your third chin caught in it painfully every once in a while when rushing like me)

Also the aero dynamic bit sounds like ********, it might make a minor difference but if the design isn't acoustically friendly it will be worse than the next lid - but I'm not 100% on that
Haven't actually tried one on yet until I feel I know which one I
want ,considering Covid precautions etc.
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