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How else should the congestion problem have been solved?
By making the driving tests harder, so that people who aren't actually good and competent enough to drive don't get to drive. A set number of times you can take the test as well, so people don't just "learn to pass the test" as they appear to, to me now.
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How else should the congestion problem have been solved?
By educating drivers how to properly drive on a road in a manner that creates flowing traffic.

Drive in the correct lane - unless over taking be as far left as possible
Lane hogging - increases congestion by reducing the capacity available for traffic flow
Tail gating - continuous braking causes pointless & needless tail backs
Plan ahead - be in the correct lane for your slip road/motorway split

The majority of congestion on multilane carriageways is caused by selfish idiots. Unfortunately i live near the M3/M4 & M25 all of which have had extensive work to increase the number of lanes.
The result? the same congestion there was before.
Why? Because idiots still refuse to drive in the left hand lane, refuse to pay attention to the signage provided for junctions, and don't acknowledge mirrors exist and they need to GTF out the way after their overtake is complete.
It seems we agree on something here.

As I said before:
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... the main problem is the behaviours and expectations of road users...

I'm also supportive of refresher tests (to be taken every 5 years, perhaps) to retain driving licence entitlement.

However, I'm less certain that, even with effectively taking 'incompetents' off the road, there won't still be too many vehicles for the roads we have (especially at peak times) and so we we will still need another solution for congestion. Maybe somebody in power sufficiently brave to tackle our 'car/HGV culture' and say "tough, that's your lot - queue as traffic or try another time or another form of transport!". Alongside license competence reforms, I'd accept the roads money being spent solely on junction upgrades, small new link roads and surfacing instead of lengthy new lane upgrades
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