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Even the roadside recovery services with their orange strobes are reluctant to go to callouts on smart motorways, they have to contact the motorway controller to put an 'X' above the lane ( LOL ), and even the Police with their flashing blue lights are hesitant to stop - so what chance does the average vehicle stand. IIRC when the inside lane is open to 'live running' LOL the speed limit on whole motorway section is reduced to 40... which is the very, very minimum you would expect. There is a parliamentary selct committee been looking at smart motorways for a while now, saw a meeting of it on TV, and TBH the MP's were giving the civil servants 'experts' from Dept of Transport a real hard time about the safety. By the time the Police / roadside services fine out about a breakdown and until they get there can be a good 30 mins or more. They tried using automatic Radar to detect stopped vehicles, it has never really worked, depends on weather, false echoes etc. I smart motorways are a cheap and nasty way to increase capacity. Many sections of M6 are raised so hard to widen them. My bro said years ago why didn't the motorway builders leave extra room on the 'inside' of motorways, which meant extra lanes could have been added without affecting bridges etc.
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