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Originally Posted by SV650rules View Post
Never took the battery off my 2016 AL7 and still good 5 years later when I replaced it ( never leave a battery on bike or car over 5 years ). OEM was a FB ( Furukawa Battery - made in Japan, ) replacement was a Yuasa YT12A-BS in March 2021. I never leave a charger on all the time, will just top it up a couple of times over winter, to be honest the green OK light comes on on the trickle charger within 10 mins anyway, so no current draining from battery while standing and connected to electrics.
Yes , I have started taking mine off charge for a few days now and then rather than leaving it on charge with the Optimate all the time.
Need to get bike Waxoyled in appropriate places then get out for a ride if weather is dry and not too cold.
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