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Default New Lid Shark Spartan Carbon

Treated myself to a new lid. Had the old Shoei XR1100 for nearly 5 years.

Decided on a Shark Spartan Carbon SG Rep

Went for a spin of 100 miles or so on Sunday and was really impressed. First thing I noticed was how light the thing is. Makes the Shoei feel heavy and that was a light lid too. The interior felt great, super plush and comfortable. Came with a dark visor and a clear pinlock insert. Visor is not as easy to swap over as the Shoei is but it's not difficult as it just pulls out. Venting is good, with a decent sized chin vent and another one at the top of the forehead. Surprisingly there is no exhaust vents, but I didn't overheat albeit it was only 14 degrees outside. I'd say its on par with the Shoei when it comes to wind noise and buffeting. It was fairly quiet and the built in chin curtain does a fair job.

All in all am fairly happy with it. Only real negative was the internal sun visor is a bit difficult to operate with my one piece leathers on and there is no way of locking the visor closed.

Few pictures are attached

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