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Default First Trackday :) Half a Success!!!

So... Rode my first trackday on monday (also my birthday) and had a blast!

The day started off VERY foggy but cleared up just in time for the first session. The sun was out for the rest of the day so couldn't have asked for much more.

My dad had built me a track bike to use for the day and thereafter, a 91 gsxr 750. The choice being so i can join him for any classic track days he does in the future. I wasn't completely sold on it to begin with but after a few sessions getting used to it i loved it

All was going well until the last session before lunch... i binned it! A lowside at hamilton ended my day On the out lap too. My initial thought was cold tyres but i know i wasn't going too quick as I was waiting for a straight to pass a slower rider. Seemed very "out of the blue" in the moment but later on when my dad went to load the bike into the van he noticed that the rear tyre was completely flat! And when we first unloaded the bike when we arrived at circuit the tyre only had 10 psi and considering the tyre had only been fitted 2 days prior to this it seemed odd. My dad suspects the tyre may have dropped enough in a few hours of riding to finally effect grip. He tells me a low pressured rear can cause the front to go, as it did.

If anyone has any other theories then please let me know. But next time i'll be checking pressure before each session and the bike will have a set of race tyres next time too

Anyway... a few photos...

This is my track bike (previous to have an extra reinforced subframe, lower fairing and full akrapovic exhaust). Its all abit thrown together but once ive got a couple more trackdays under my belt its gonna get a nice paint job.

one of the subframe detail, rather pleased with how it looks

bikes loaded the night before. my sv included incase the gixxer doesnt like its first outing!

and me on the bike waiting to get on track for the first time

and now a few shots of the lowside aftermath (dented tank, split fairing, hole in engine casing, snapped lever)!! I had also, for the first time, decided to mount my gopro for the session as i felt i was getting on well with good pace... yep, i mounted it on the side i fell off! Initially lost it on the corner but had it returned by a friendly marshal during the break for lunch. And guess what, i forgot to turn the bloody thing on!!! DOH! Somehow the camera survived having the weight of the bike drag it across the track

Despite the mishap i had an awesome day and am looking to book the next trackday this weekend

Here's a few photos of farth on his GS1000 (awesome bike) and myself captured on the day.


Apologies if i've posted this in the wrong place. Can admin please move this if necessary. Thanks
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