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Default Thoughts...

Yes I do have them...

So this is what I can remember...
  1. Lissa and Pete, nice to finally meet you...
  2. Fizz, cheers for greeting me with a beer and a smile, nice touch.
  3. Thank Viper and Liz too...
  4. Thanks to those who helped me put my tent up and down, so Dan, Strechie and Quiff.
  5. It was a pleasure and fun once again to be a marker for you all, even when I had to chat with the local loony when marking a roundabout. Did you know that the car park had just be resurfaced, I didn't till then.
  6. Since my prang I have lost a little pace...
  7. When going up to Yeovil range view point, the road is bumpy and you can be launched out of your seat twice.
  8. Zip up your panniers in case your tent leaks into your dry clothes.
  9. Any sun is a excuse to get naked at the sea side.
  10. People in 4x4's are ****s.
  11. Ape cafe is a great place to spend the night chatting, so cheers.
  12. And even with the whole weekend I didn't get a chance to chat and laugh with everyone as there just wasn't enough time.
So roll on the next AR in the South of France... so thanks to everyone and hope to see you all soon.
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