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Default Re: Somewhere nice to stay that's CHEAP

A little extra info may be required. This would be our one day route home from Versailles + . I really dislike motorway but you do have to get to and fro the playground. Normally I'd just take it on the chin as the cost of a play about in the sun. But we have 4 such days (2 down , 2 back) and as it's a family holiday with some of the children (who are travelling by car), Mrs LOM doesn't want to leave them until we're back in the UK. So I'd like to get far enough into the UK so that the we can have a leisurely final day through less densely populated areas. I'm happy with 300 - 350 miles on single carriageway roads to get home. So I was thinking North London or a little further north / east.

Sorry to be such a pain.
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