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Default Re: 2005 SV650s Valve Clearance Question

Originally Posted by andy650 View Post
I have a few spare shims, if you tell me what you need, and what you have to swap, I will see what I can do.
Thank you i will have to take it apart and have a look

Originally Posted by johnnyrod View Post
You need to know the sizes of the shims that are already in. When you have the table, you look up the current shim against the measured gap and read off the new shim required. Aim for the upper half of the gap range i.e. looser rather than tighter, but if it's in spec then don't both changing it. So, it's a bit of a faff as you need to take the camshafts out to find out the shim sizes first, then if you're going to ride the bike you have a fair bit of reassembly that's going to be undone when you get the new shims. Once they're right though they pretty much never change.
Brilliant thank you

Originally Posted by andy650 View Post
And that is the main/only reason you would bother getting a shim kit.

If you can have it off the road for a few days whilst you get the shims you need, just buy what you need. As Johnnyrod said, unlikely to need doing again unless you do big miles.
Yeah was thinking about the shim kit just dont have the money at the moment but my bike is sorn at the moment because of winter and ive got a car to get around so got the time to take it apart so all good i only do about 3000 miles a year max

Originally Posted by Bibio View Post
forgot about this but here it is now.



TIP: if you right click each image and 'View Image' you can the go to file/print page and it will print them out (in firefox anyway)
Thank you so much thats a big help, really appreciate that
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