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Default Re: 2005 SV650s Valve Clearance Question

The factory has non 0.05 shims, so they can set them perfect. Most bikes have non 0.05 shims in them.

Regarding markings, sounds odd, are you absolutely sure?

If you are sure, have the valves ever been done before - i.e has someone put the cams back in wrongly? If no, then the factory assembled wrongly, which is very rare.

My TL1000R had the cams put in wrongly at the factory, but it wasn't as simple as putting them back in correctly, I had to do some procedure I don't fully remember relating to turning the engine a whole or half rev or something, because there was an odd number of teeth. Basically the cams were half a tooth out from the factory. The symptom was the marks didn't line up, but there was no noticeable effect on the running, presumably that is why they didn't do a recall (someone I know who worked at Suzuki knew all about it, apparently a mix up on the assembly line and they were all like it).
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