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Default Re: 2005 SV650s Valve Clearance Question

Originally Posted by johnnyrod View Post
Wow, that would be miles off. Deffo post a picture . Are you sure you have the correct mark on the flywheel?
Yes its on the correct marking by the crankcase

Originally Posted by andy650 View Post
Post a photo of both the cam and crank markings, put them in the cloud somewhere and link if needed.

You don't necessarily round old shim to the nearest 05, just use the 05 shim that will give you closest to ideal clearance (ideal is the wide side of the range, the gap tends to close up)

Don't forget you can use the ones you take out elsewhere, musical shims if you like.

I usually have a paper plan of which shim came from where, what shim needs to go in where to get ideal clearance, which shims become free, and then work out what needs to be bought.

Thankfully the SV is only a twin with 8 shims, 16 of the buggers is even more confusing!
Im not sure why its not letting me post a picture as there in the correct format but keeps saying its not. Yes was thinking about using other ones if they are the right size. Yes ive dont a paper plan aswell makes things easier. Is there any other way of posting pictures up
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