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Default Photo Comp - Chat Thread

What's this thread all about then?

Well a few people have wanted to comment and chat about the pictures in the monthly photo competition but to keep the thread clean to make it easy for moderating and judging chat isn't allowed. This thread is for chat, comments, I've been there! remarks, etc, etc, you can even ask for tips on the pic you have posted if you wish.

Firstly for the rules of the photo competition go to this page:

Showing an image in this thread

Next if you want to comment or chat about a picture how do you reference it into this thread?

Simple, if you are using Internet Explorer then right click on the image and select properties from the menu.

A small window will appear and you will want to copy the Address (URL) of the image. Highlight the text, right click and select copy.

Next paste this into your quote or reply in this thread and add image tags before and after the address, so the images address is:

The image address with the image display tags is:


(Note the image tags start with [IMG] and not just IMG], you need both square brackets but if I put both then the image would display and not the exmaple tags.

As this example shows:

If you are using another browser then you'll probably know how to do it

Last thing when posting peoples pics always credit the poster of the image as it is their property.

Chat away
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