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Default Re: Great memories and funny moments of the AR

Originally Posted by dizzyblonde View Post
When we were all in the BBQ tent and these little people appeared, so I gathered some up and pushed in the queue, so they would get fed first....a mum can never switch off!!
Also there was rather a lot of big people in there, so I spent a while talking to Gid Junior, who kept looking up at all these long legged people with a frown, its rather strange staring at the backs of peoples knees. He was a lovely kid, in fact all the kids were very well behaved, super all of them, and how cute was Tiny Gid, she was soooo cute
dizzyblonde thank you for making me and the kids feel welcome. I was feeling left out at one point and well, just thanks for doing that for my kids. much appreciated .ta hope to meet you again soon. hopefully no kids though ,didn't get to talk to many peeps, as had to get the kids to bed. or just felt a little wet and cold and i am so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy.
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Default Re: Great memories and funny moments of the AR

Originally Posted by mrsgid View Post
and i am so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy.
I think there were quite a few people that suffered this. I know I do and thats why I hid by my tent and only really spoke to people that came to say hello. I'm an ars* for missing opportunities to meet new friends because of my shyness.

I promise to come say hello next year.
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