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Default Ar11

Those who have read the IB thread will know that I've put forward Shrewsbury and mid/north Wales as a suggestion. I'd really like to do it here. If you agree, please chime in over on IB.

I had in mind to use the same campsite that we used in 2006, it has a separate field for large groups. It's in the grounds of a pub - the Wingfield Arms at Montford Bridge, about 6 miles west of Shrewsbury town centre - that serves excellent food which is reasonably priced. There's fuel about two miles away at Ford, with a Nisa shop attached to the fuel station that serves take out food, coffee etc. Fish n chips is not that far away.

Would do a different route to 2006 though. I have in mind a route, which I will re-ride and then PM to anyone who'd like to recce it. As with this year, I won't put it on the site. If the bid is successful, then you'll all be markers

We all know that it's a great part of the country to ride in, easy peasy and not too far to reach from just about anywhere, and despite all the rather silly comments on the IB thread, no hassle from police. I have never been stopped around here, or anywhere in Wales...



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Default Re: Ar11

happy to go there Ed
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Default Re: Ar11

This sounds excellent Ed
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mister c
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Default Re: Ar11

I AM going to do an AR after seeing the pics from this years & this sounds good Ed
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Default Re: Ar11

Closer to home and even if I cannot make the full weekend at least I can come down for the day. So yep I like it

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Default Re: Ar11

That was a decent campsite
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Default Re: Ar11

I'm all for it and can come and recce it, does it include the road over the mountains from Newtown to Machllyneth, must be some of the best for miles around, did it on an IAM rideout and everyone was in awe of the road, just stupendous roads and the views are breath taking. The wingfield is a good choice and ticks all the boxes.

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Default Re: Ar11

I can't see a problem with it being in any place. I'm quite partial to a spot of riding in NWales, not been for a year or three.

If you are successful I will come.

Won't stop us putting in a healthy rival bid oop norf though
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Default Re: Ar11

I will go anywhere for my 2nd AR. If yours is voted in Ed i`d be happy to assist if needed, recce and mark if required, I`d want to do the route to get the roads in my head but that aint an issue. Sat nav lol.
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Default Re: Ar11

Sat nav - are u joking, my Electro friend - I prefer nous to electronic gadgetry - in other words, ride it and see if it works, and if it don't, then where does this right turn go to.... I have a great route in mind, the sort that Londoners will think 'I don't wanna go home, I gotta move house!!!!'

The Wingfield's web site is abysmal, I could write a better one than that, and the pix are absolute crap. They really don't sell themselves well... it really is a nice spot, far better than the website suggests. John (as in admin John - he lives a few miles from Daryl and me), Daryl and I co-organised AR06, I don't know if John would want to this time round, but AR06 was a brilliant ride - i have a different route in mind for this time though.

I will take a few pix myself this week and post em up, but will need a lot of help to get things right, so all offers more than welcome. The social side is important - but if the ride is pants then we may as well not bother, so I will PM everyone who posts on here a draft Google map, and invite comments and a 'let's ride' day, likely to be in late September or early October. Assuming the bid is successful I don't want to publish the route to everyone until the day - as per this year.

More soon but I think this is a strong contender
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