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Default Fresh as a daisy

Morning all,
New here and passed my test last week. Pick up my SV650S later today.
Fair to say I'm excited!
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Well done and welcome, ride safe have fun
Black naked 1999 sv650 which im trying to keep happy
Custom paintwork Saragon Customs Spray painting

Electrical fault finding guide and Regulator rectifier test

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Super news and welcome
used to be littleoldman but forgot password due to failing memory
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Hello, Welcome to the Org.

Enjoy, the SV is a cracking first bike, still got mine 6 years and 50,000 miles later.

Sage words of wisdom time.

Ride as fast as you like, (although maybe take it a little easy till you get used to the bike and the cagers trying to kill you) but never in a hurry.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Well done on passing your test and welcome along.

Friend of mine says we start with a pocket full of luck and no experience. The aim is to have a pocket full of experience before the luck runs out.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

EL O and welcome

Today is the start of your motorcycling life, enjoy and make it a long one.
We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
Make everyday count
RIP Reeder - Jolly Green Giant and comedy genius
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Some great quotes there! And didn't realise car drivers were referred to as 'cagers', that's excellent!

Had a 'mare of a test as CBT ran out the day I had my mod 2 (user & training school error), then their bikes broke down the day before the test day (Ducati Monster 696, definitely not getting one of them) so was the 3rd booking that I finally got to take the test, but passed so can now look back and smile.

Pick up the bike at half 5. Super excited, and the sun has just come out!
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Congrats on the test pass, remember: shiny side up!
Good choice getting an SV, pity it won't have ABS, still, I managed to get well into my fifties without it...

The SV is basically the good bits of a Ducati minus all the rubbish.
(I utterly adore Ducatis but just will not buy another)
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

The Ducati sounded delightful, but was uncomfortable and I didn't...don't...have the skill to ride it properly.
I'm hoping the SV will bed me in nicely. All the reviews seem to suggest it will
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Congratulations on passing and have fun on your SV - passing your test is the point where you start to learn how to ride.

My advice is get some extra LED daytime running or spotlights on your bike to help the cagers see you. Bikes are often hard to see and accelerate faster than many people expect, don't give them the excuse to say 'SMIDSY' (sorry mate I didn't see you). IMHO bright lights are key to your safety - and while car drivers may not want to kill you they do it anyway from of lack of attention. Good source of good LED lights

Keep your eye out for drivers wearing hats, they do unexpected and stupid things.........

Don't forget to use the brakes on the SV to let people know you are slowing down, the engine braking is so good that when I first got mine I had to make a conscious effort to use brakes lightly just to let people behind know I was slowing.

Good luck.
SV650 AL7

Fear knocked on the door, Hope answered and when he opened the door there was nobody there.
"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do"- Mark Twain

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