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Default Bsb 2013

Seams this years BSB has gone unnotice on this little corner of the org.
Is that because no tretrial TV coverage..
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Mr Speirs
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Default Re: Bsb 2013

Even Eurosport have ditched qualifying coverage.
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Default Re: Bsb 2013

I just got back from Brands Hatch, it was awesome! My first time at the BSB and I was loving it. Especially the stock 600, those guys are very very brave.
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Default Re: Bsb 2013

I just got home too! Took plenty of pics so will make sure I post a few up in the photo area once I have sifted through them..

Cracking day, weather couldn't have been better!
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Default Re: Bsb 2013

Only today was cracking weather, the rest of the weekend i froze my balls off
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