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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

It does look really cool and of course functional.I made my own as soon as I got my SV out of an old 15" Bass speaker grill I had around but Admin's does look the dog's danglies

Changed my coolant on Thurs.Rode with my M8 Friday and re-checked after the ride.All good.Dead easy job on the SV.Easier than on my old CX500s.
Cooling system on the SVs is superb.
Fan turn on checked.Super fast cool down when initiated.

1:When you defrost your fridge/freezer save the ice and let it melt and put it in an old Plastic Gallon can or old 4 pint milk bottle.It's De-ionized water and won't cause calcium furring in the a cooling system.
2:If you boil a kettle of water that also get De-calcified especially if you have a metal De-calcifier sponge like I do in the kettle.

Been using this shizzle for over forty years,never a problem
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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

Also water from a condensing tumble dryer should be free of any impurities. But you can buy de-ionized water from Halfords for a few quid if you're unsure.
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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

Today I fitted my restriction kit ready to get ky SV back on the road. Sadly whilst in the depths of the throttle bodies, I found a freyed throttle cable. Gutted!

On the other hand, finally got my GSXR 1000 shock installed, and my speedo for the gsxr 750 fork swap works great!

Although I am having a little trouble with the front axle. Any advice on this? Its GSXR 750 k3 forks and axle and (silver ones) with k4 wheel

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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

...oil change @ K3...
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