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Default K5 cracked exhaust repair?

Hi all,
A few months ago realised part of my exhaust was cracked all the way round. Was about to go on a big trip so just had to paste it up with that gun gum stuff and put a fabric wrap over it to make it look a bit better.

Help up until today when I realised bits of my exhaust were falling off while washing it.

Looks like the gum stuff has all fallen away and the original exhaust clamp has gone totally loose.

Attached some pics to show the damage, it looks like the connection between the front downpipe and the main system has cracked all the way round and broken loose.

Short of replacing the entire exhaust system, any semi-permanent way to fix this? Not sure how effective stuff like JB weld would be on this given how big the gap is...

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Default Re: K5 cracked exhaust repair?

My K8 seems to have steel pipes, a weld would be your best and cheapest bet I would say. You could even have a good steel worker cut the bad off and weld in a new piece to have it for like new.

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Default Re: K5 cracked exhaust repair?

As above, any decent welder should be able to weld the crack, but you'd probably have to remove the exhaust for them to do it properly.
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Default Re: K5 cracked exhaust repair?

I'm not so sure it is salvageable, as the bit on the header pipe needs to be removed in one piece without bending it, which is going to be bloomin difficult, then will there be enough material there to weld it?

You won't be able to do it in situ, so it'd probably easier to get a 2nd hand rear header pipe and after market end can, or a 2nd hand OEM end can?
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Default Re: K5 cracked exhaust repair?

Already got a aftermarket silencer on the end of it so think im just going to buy some second hand pipes to replace the cracked bit. Put on my current aftermarket silencer and keep whichever front downpipe is in better nick...

Dont think a weld is ever going to be that permanent when it's that far gone...
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